Linzi Jay


A - Brides to be and girls seeking Communion products

How can I find what I am looking for?

All products within our collections have been split on the website into specific categories so finding what you are looking for should be straight forward and quick . However we have added search field in the right hand corner on every page to help you

How do I know what colours are available?

To the right of the image you will find a section under part No

Colour - Will list the colour available

If a secondary colour is available then this will be listed underneath

If there are more than 1 colours available then they will all appear in a drop down menu

How do I know what sizes are available ?

Similar to the colour availability as above , sizes are shown below the colour section to the right of the product image.  A drop down menu will show all sizes available and clicking on the size chart link will take you through to the actual dimensions of every size

How can I order a product ?

Linzi Jay operate through independent retailers so in the UK and Europe you will have to make contact with your nearest stockist ( or whichever stockist is best suitable for you ) and arrange to purchase the product from there

How can I find a stockist ?

On home page. At the top of the page click on Stockists , takes you through to the stockists sections, complete your Post Code , City /Town and the product category that you are looking for

Stockists within your parameters should appear in the listings in addition to contact information including telephone, email and web site

In addition, next to every product click on the "Find a Stockist" will direct you to the same area

Alternatively click on "Introduce me to a stockist" and we will do the work for you . Complete the details and we will make contact with your nearest stockist who will in turn make contact with you

How long do I need for the product to be manufactured ?

In general Bridal accessories , eg Tiaras , Headdresses , Veils etc will require anything from 24 hours to a week to be despatched to the store and ready for your collection unless the store already has the product within their stock

Bridesmaids dresses will require a minimum of 12 weeks for manufacture and delivery so plan ahead for these dresses

B - Businesses and traders seeking to purchase Linzi Jay products

There are several methods of gaining further information

By far the easiest is to register by following the Apply for a retailer login as below


Please follow the simple registration procedure and complete all the sections. We will then be back in touch with you as soon as possible. You will have to be a bona fide retailer with a "bricks and mortar" business to have your registration accepted

Once registered you will have full access to the Linzi Jay Web secured web site and see the stock availability and prices and have the ability to order online subject to our Terms and Conditions

Alternatively you can contact via

Telephone 01254 665104