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We have put together a selection of tutorials which we hope will help you in choosing the perfect tiara, headband, comb, veil, clip, fascinator or vine for you and your big day.  The videos highlight how versatile headdresses can be and how to wear them in different hairstyles and how to choose the perfect length veil to compliment your bridal accessories

How to wear a hair vine

There are many different ways to wear a hair vine here is just one of the ways to wear in a half up hairstyle.  Hair vine used in this demonstration LL309

How to wear hair vines and combs with a veil

Here we show how to apply vines and combs into the hair and different ways they can be worn

LL306 vine, LL307 and LP672 combs and LA345 veil are featured in this video

How to wear a bridal tiara

This tutorial features bridal tiara LL180 and how to wear in a half up bridal hair style

Another way to wear LT344 Bridal tiara in the half up hair style with added height and loose soft curls

In this video we have used LT587 Bridal tiara and LA930 veil with a diamante edging which compliments this tiara perfectly

How to wear a bridal hairband with a veil or birdcage veil

Many brides like to opt for the traditional bridal veil with their headband which is shown in this video.  For brides looking for a vintage style, we have complimented the side band with a birdcage veil, which looks sensational with this half up hairstyle.

We have used styles LT590, LA503 and LF037

In this demonstration we have used styles LT589 and LT555 side bands

How to wear bridal combs, tiaras, headbands and veils with a high up bun

The high up bun is fast becoming one of the most sought after hairstyles for weddings, which is fantastic because there are so many Linzi Jay products that can dress this style.

Take a look at items LP664 bridal comb, LT572 tiara,  LT576 side band,  LT558 headband, LA701, LA347 and LA937 veils featured in this video

How to wear a birdcage veil with a hair vine in a high up bun

If you desire a vintage retro look the LF037 birdcage veil is a great product to achieve this style.  We have teamed up with the LL308 hair vine wrapped around the bun and it really does look stunning

How to wear combs and clips with a veil

Combs and clips are such versatile pieces and can be worn in an array of hairstyles and in many different ways.  We have highlighted just a few of those ways in this video.

Products fashioned are bridal combs LP671, LP670, LT526 bridal clip LT553 and finished with our showstopping lace edge veil LA518

Ways to wear your bridal tiara or comb with a veil in a low bun hairstyle

Another popular bridal hairstyle is the low down bun, here are a few ways to wear your tiara or comb in this style

We have used Tiaras LT571 and LT556, combs LP670 and LP660, veils LA512, LA47, LA930 and LA700

Veil sizes and lengths explained

We have put together this video to explain sizes and lengths of veils.  Many people get confused when selecting the right veil for them, so we hope this helps with any questions of confusions you may come across

We hope these vidoes have helped you find new and innovative ways to wear your Linzi Jay accessories and inspired you to try a few of the styles demonstrated